Surf Splash Commercial Unit

Surf Splash Automatic Foot Shower – Commercial Unit


Surf Splash Automatic Foot Shower is the only foot shower on the market today.

Surf Splash is so convenient, people actually use it! This means dramatically less sand tracked into beach resorts, saving thousands of dollars on labor and maintenance costs. Just hook it up to any standard water supply and you are GOOD to GO! No electricity needed – it works entirely off of water pressure. Easy as 1-2-3! Just step on, spray clean and then step off! American-made, commercial grade! Surf Splash is built to last. Resort guests rave about Surf Splash! They stand in line to use it. Kids love it….they don’t mind getting cleaned up with Surf Splash. It has even been specifically praised in resort customer satisfaction surveys. And, as the old saying goes, “You can’t put a price on customer satisfaction!”

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