"Since last summer, Surf Splash has saved us about $70,000 on our pool deck alone because now people wash their feet coming off the beach. It's an excellent product that we highly recommend to our sister properties close to the beach. The savings are phenomenal!"

C.J. Rivera - Director of Engineering
Wyndham Ocean Walk
Daytona Beach, FL
"We installed the Surf Splash on a Friday afternoon. Unaware of the installation, our pool attendant came in the following Monday. She was shocked by the absence of sand in the pools. She thought people had not used the pools over the weekend. In just two days, the Surf Splash virtually eliminated sand in our pools. Our guests rave about the Surf Splash. It's a must for every beach resort!"

Cheryl Faulk - Community Association Manager
Calypso Resort and Towers
Panama City Beach, FL

"Surf Splash has been a major success for us. We had a foot brush but nobody used it. Everyone uses the Surf Splash because they enjoy it. Sand is no longer a big problem. For example, we had to clean sand off our boardwalk twice a day; now only once a week! The Surf Splash is paying for itself in labor savings and customer service has been outstanding!"

Roger Lamarre - Building Manager
Beach Colony Resort
Myrtle Beach, SC

"When I first heard about the Surf Splash, I was skeptical. But, I was impressed when I saw it in action. We have four units now and they have drastically reduced sand in and around our pool decks. Our guests love the Surf Splash too, because it is so convenient - they go out of their way to use it. They think it is the greatest thing since peanut butter!"

Julian Pimental - Rooms Specialist
Westin Diplomat
Hollywood, FL

 "Surf Splash saved us 6,000 gallons of water during a 10 day water test! With ten units at six beach front properties, we should conserve well over A MILLION GALLONS of water per year!"

Ronnie Revis - Director of Engineering
Brittain Resort Management
Myrtle Beach, SC