Have an RV or Motor Coach?



Protect your RV by stopping dirt, grass and sand at the door!

Whether you’re biking, hiking, fishing or just hitting the trails, a convenient Surf Splash II foot shower will keep your motorhome cleaner longer. This lightweight, portable automatic foot shower is easily assembled and ready for use. A 15-second rinse is all it takes to effectively rinse off dirt and grime from the day’s adventures!

When it’s time to pack up, disassembly and storage take just a few moments. And, the portable foot shower requires very little space, so it’s perfect for your camper or motorhome.

The next time you head off on a camping trip, pack a Surf Splash II so you can spend more time outdoors and less time cleaning your camper’s interior.  It’s a fast, effective, and fun solution for protecting your RV.