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Just hook the unit to a standard garden hose and you're good to go! No electricity required. The Surf Splash II works off standard water pressure. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Step on, spray clean and step off. The anti-skid marine board deck is virtually slip-proof. This is the same deck which has been used on the commercial Surf Splash units for more than 15 years with no reported slips or falls. The UV resistant HDPE base has built in structural supporting ribs, which make it super strong. The top deck marine board AND bottom deck marine board, which are bolted to the base, further increase the unit's structural strength and durability. The bottom deck marine board also has an anti-skid surface.

This DESIGN has a larger footprint than the former design (23" x 23" vs. 19" x 20"), the spray arches are taller and have 10 spray nozzles (5 on each side vs. 3 on each side on the former design) creating a spray wash similar to the commercial Surf Splash unit.  NOTE:  The two photos below showing people using the unit feature the older design, smaller unit. This unit is ALL WHITE.

This residential Surf Splash unit is NOT designed for commercial use. Any commercial application use automatically voids the warranty.

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Raving Fans


"Since last summer, Surf Splash has saved us about $70,000 on our pool deck alone because now people wash their feet coming off the beach."

C.J. Rivera
Director of Engineering Wyndham Ocean Walk Daytona Beach, FL

“Our guests love the Surf Splash because it is so convenient. They go out of their way to use it. They think it is the greatest thing since peanut butter!”

Julian Pimental
Rooms Specialist, Westin Diplomat, Hollywood, Florida

Never Have Dirty Feet Again

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